Wishlist Feature!

Welcome back to EggCavity!

Ainur, Lucy’s favorite creature, is happy to announce to you that today we release our newest feature: wishlists!

To access your wishlist click here, OR go to your profile page (link in the sidebar once you’re logged in).

Please let us know about features you would like to see! It’s still a work in progress!

Features of the wishlist we are still working on:
1. Being able to click the image of the creature on the add page to be able to check the checkbox(Done!)
2. Viewing your notes on the edit wishlist page (Done!)
3. Being able to add multiples of the same type of creature at once
4. And last but not least, reordering your wishlist!

To share your wishlist on your EggCave profile, use the link:

You can find this link at any time on your profile page (see side bar).

To see an example click here to see Lucy’s wishlist!

Please consider making EC, CC, Creature, Item, etc. donation to the @EggCavity EggCave account! We are trying our hardest to provide prizes for our contests and your donations would give us the change to do more giveaways and make our prizes better!

Thank you all for stopping by! The release of our mascot will happen sometime next week! Please come back soon to check it out!

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