Updated Creature Viewer

Alrighty guys,

This won’t mean much to you but we have made it much easier to keep our site up to date.
When we update it in one place it will update the whole site!

But what DOES matter is that now we are missing a few of the images for stages of
creatures for our viewer. If you checkout the viewer you’ll see this list:

These are the creature images we need (With stage 1 being egg stage):

Akrep: 2, 3, 4
Artemiane, 3
Cactower: 2,3,4
Camlette: 3,4
Dragfer: 2,3,4
Foxfly: 2,3,4
Gamaeso: 2,3,4
Goggy: 3,4
Jerob: 2,3,4
Kakakuona: 2,3,4
Kambing: 2,3
Leep: 3,4
Reida: 2
Sankose: 2,4

Help us out please! The list on that page will stay up to date!

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