Hello guys and gals and therebetween!
Welcome back to EggCavity. Today we come with TONS of exciting news!

1. First of all if you check the sidebar you will see a BRAND NEW contact us link! This sends you to a form to fill out! Use this for anything, but most importantly, use it to submit issues that you find with the site, or to tell us if you see missing or incorrect information!

2. Next is… drum roll please…



Unfortunately some of the new travels are missing information like their price, rarity, and description (which isn’t currently being shown on the page). If you guys could help us find this information we would be so, so grateful! Use our brand new contact us form to let us know if you find any of this info!

Thank you especially to the following users for their help in
collecting the missing images for the travel index:


3. We have yet another thing! CRAZY! EggCavity finally has an EggCave account! WOW! Please visit @EggCavity to see out brand new page! Hopefully with this account we will accept donations and be able to do more EC giveaways, along with items and maybe even creatures!

4. Last (we promise) is our mascot challenge! EggCavity NEEDS a mascot! But we don’t want just any old creature, we are hoping that with your guys’ help and creativity that our site can create something unique! Please submit ideas, names, and most importantly your own art for a mascot! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to create a mascot: You can take a pre-existing creature and add accessories. Change an existing creature a little bit (or a lot!). Create an EggCavity exclusive creature. Create an EggCavity exclusive travel! Anything that you guys can think of will be happily accepted! In the end we will choose our favorite submission (deadline TBA) and it will become our new site mascot! Warning: when you submit your ideas to us you are giving us permission to use this creature as our site mascot. This will also give us the freedom to make changes so that your submission fits our site’s ideas and design as we see fit. Please submit your ideas here or see the link in the sidebar! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT AS MANY IDEAS AS YOU WANT!

With your help we can make EggCavity so much better. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed. We really appreciate it!

<3 The EggCavity Team

P.s. Don’t forget about our brand new Creature of the Month submission form! See the side bar or scroll down for more!


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