New Mod!

Hello all!

My name is Lucy! On EggCave you may know me as lbowe_elbow. I am here to help moderate, improve, update, yadda yadda, the site!

I approached Karenna because I know a bit about coding and hopefully together we can finish all of the additional plans she had for the site.

If you guys ever see incorrect or outdated information on EggCavity please mail me on EggCave and let me know! If you have any ideas for EggCavity I would also be more than happy to see what I can do!

In the mean time we are planning on creating (drum roll please…) a travel guide! Woo! That’s just the first step to implementing all the things we want to include on this site. If you have any travels that you think look super good on a creature, please let me know! I am also planning on doing travel suggestions!

I am always happy to hear from people! Thanks for supporting EggCave and EggCavity! <3 Lucy / lbowe_elbow =^.^=

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  1. That would be a question for karenna19! I can change it but I have no clue either haha. She might have a system setup if not, I can make one!

  2. Hey guys! So currently there is no method in place for choosing a creature of the month. lbowe_elbow & I will work on something to make sure people can enter creatures to be chosen 🙂

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