A few Important Tid Bits!

Lets Give Credit Where Credit is Due:
Before when there was a creature in our creature index where someone either wrote the description, or
created the concept for the creature, they were given credit with their name. This is all and well but today I
realized that this should totally link to their profiles! This feature has been added and I hope that this
small addition to crediting a user’s contribution will be appreciated! Everyone go thank the creator of their
favorite user-created creature!

@mcmelody wrote the description for the Kelpa. Turtles are my favorite!
Thank you!

Mascot Contest:
So Karenna has been quite busy. Thus she hasn’t been able to finish the art for our mascot.
Thus this is on hold for an unknown amount of time. But if there is enough interest I will post a teaser.

Travel Suggestions:
BUT! I am back from my hiatus. If anyone is interested in working on Creature travel suggestions please let me know! I need to recreate some teams!

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  1. Hi sent a few PM’s. Hope you are well.
    Contact me on eggcave in my mail if you guys need anything.
    It seems like everyone has gone from here 🙁
    I hope I’m wrong, this is an AWESOME site <3

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