Happy 5 Years Eggcave!

HAPPY 5 YEARS – Eggcave has passed 80,000 registered players and are about to pass
3 billion views. Well done, Egg Cavers!

LOTS OF NEW ITEMS – Bags of coffee beans at the Bean Sack, Drakomo Sugar Cookies at the
Bakery, Blobbart Squirt Toys can now be found at the Toy Shop   &   Books at Leila Library.

NEW LEILA – Eggcave has completely revamped the City of Leila
  and have expanded it with tons of new features!

LEILA OASIS & WALL OF SANDRODONSLeila Oasis   is considered to be the most magical place
on Ark… watch it carefully over the next couple of weeks and see what you might find.

Wall of Sandrodons   is a new, daily guessing game in Leila. Many exclusive prizes
can only be won from playing this game!

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