Thief Shop

What is the Thief Shop?

The Thief Shop is a black market-like shop run by the sketchy Master Thief, selling Mystery Eggs with prices anywhere between 12,000 to 600,000 EC. These “Mystery Eggs” tend to not have a real creature inside instead being plastic, having ink inside, or being unfertilized. This will result in most, if not all, of your spent EC down the drain. But, if you are lucky, they can have actual creatures inside.

What Creatures Available at the Thief Shop?

Almost all of these creatures have the last 3 stages hidden in the EggCavity archives. But here on EggCavity we have images displayed for all the hidden stages! Click on one of the creatures below to view all stages!

Akrep Artemiane Cachnid Cactower Camlette Dilloton Foxfly Gamaeso Goggy Izalav Jerob Kakakuona Kambing Meerna Reidea Sankose Shawloot Soetzal Tidnab

What Other Kind of Info do you Know?

Here are some estimate values that you may wonder about. This data was collected only over about 5 days, so may be inaccurate due to small sample size.

Minimum Restock Time: 8 minutes
Maximum Restock Time: 2.5 hours
Average Time Between Thief Shop Restocks: 1 hours and 25 minutes
Minimum Thief Shop Egg Price: 12,000 EC
Maximum Thief Shop Egg Price: 600,000 EC
Average Thief Shop Egg Price: 202,220 EC
Average Eggs Per Day: 4.25
Average Creatures Per Day: .25

Hints from EggCave

“Species that restock in the Thief Shop can be seen between every couple of days before the next one will restock” — Meaning if a creature is found, one of that speices will not reappear for a few days (:

–Written by @jello

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