Category: Site Updates

  • Weekly Update

    Hello everyone again! There have been a few additions to EggCavity that occurred last week! Updates: • New items & item info have been added! However, info is still needed. Yamamagan Plushies: Yamamagan Plushies have been added! • Two new creatures have been added to our index & creature viewer! Nyacos: The newest addition to […]

  • Weekly Update

    Hello everyone! EggCavity will now have weekly updates. Each update will summarize the changes and additions that have occurred. Last weeks updates: • New items added to index. Info still being collected. • Item Wishlist & Value Wishlist Added • Value Guide Added • New contest: Creature Pageant • “Threebot” added to Creature Viewer & Index […]

  • A few Important Tid Bits!

    Lets Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Before when there was a creature in our creature index where someone either wrote the description, or created the concept for the creature, they were given credit with their name. This is all and well but today I realized that this should totally link to their profiles! This […]

  • Wishlist Feature Edited

    Welcome back to EggCavity! We’ve got some awesome news! Before, when you added around 165 creatures to your wishlist, the site couldn’t handle editing that many creatures at once. You could continue to add new creatures, you were just unable to edit. But now! Thanks to some clever thinking of my boss in the real […]

  • Strange Kitty Pictures

    Hello there friends, I am in the process of moving a lot of photo’s location from a website that wasn’t very user-friendly to a better newer one. BUT unfortunately it’s messing with the wishlist feature. Any time one of your images is a picture of a screaming kitty cat, all you have to do is […]

  • Creature Index is Here!!!

    Hello EggCavity supporters! Please go take a good look at our brand new Creature Index!!! It includes the concept art for many of the suggested creatures, and the original art for creatures whose art has been changed! When visiting pages of creatures who have trinket travels, you can see each stage with their trinket travels! […]

  • New Feature in Travel Index!

    Good news guys, Now if you want to see more information about a travel in the index, you can click on that travel and see more about it on that page! We will be collecting information on all the travels to maybe add more information to those pages! Let us know what you want to […]

  • Wishlist Feature!

    Welcome back to EggCavity! Ainur, Lucy’s favorite creature, is happy to announce to you that today we release our newest feature: wishlists! To access your wishlist click here, OR go to your profile page (link in the sidebar once you’re logged in). Please let us know about features you would like to see! It’s still […]

  • Updated Creature Viewer

    Alrighty guys, This won’t mean much to you but we have made it much easier to keep our site up to date. When we update it in one place it will update the whole site! But what DOES matter is that now we are missing a few of the images for stages of creatures for […]

  • Trinket Travel Index

    Today we have added a Trinket Travel Index! What’s your favorite Trinket Travel? Don’t forget about the Mascot Contest! And let us know if we have any incorrect or missing information at our Contact Us Form. Thank you to all our supporters and have a great day.