⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Creature of the Month, September 2018 ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

This month’s creature of the month is Mecko, owned by @praire!

Here is her entry:
“When the Mecko came out in August 2015, I instantly fell in love. As a kid, I’ve always loved geckos and lizards, and was constantly looking for them in my backyard. The Mecko’s design was something I loved, a bright orange/yellow body, with 3 heads, each having a different eye color. Better yet, they reminded me of leopard geckos, a reptile that has been one of my favorites since I had learned about them.
I remember one day, I was wondering if anyone actually names their creatures after their assigned species name. So to the search box I went! When I typed up ‘Mecko’ I saw that it was assigned to a completely different creature in someone’s storage account. I contacted the user to see if they might be willing to trade the name, and we settled on a deal. Thus, my first species name was achieved; and it led to my obsession with trying to collect species names!
Since I’ve gotten the name Mecko in 2015, I’ve achieved over 100 more names! It gives me something new to do on Eggcave, and it makes me look forwards to not only seeing each month’s new art, but also the names they hold.”

I have chosen her to be the creature of the month because, it’s just so interesting to hear about inspirational things.

Thank you everyone who entered and remember to submit you entries for next month!

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