Welcome to EggCavity

Welcome to EggCavity, the EggCave fansite. Here on EggCavity we have many tools that might help you on your EggCave journey!

We have wishlist builders for creatures, items, and travels!

We have indexes for creatures, items, trinket travels, and travels as well! Make sure to check out the creature index for travel suggestions!

We have many different ways to view travels on your creatures, try them all! (See creature viewer drop down in navigation)

And more!

Current next addition plan: a creature value guide!

EggCavity Latest News

  • New: Creature Categories

    Welcome back to EggCavity everyone! Just wanted to announce our newest feature: creature categories! We are working on flushing out all creatures’ categories at the moment. If you want to join in on the fun visit our polls page.

    To see these categories go to the creature index. On desktop you will see a right sidebar with all the categories. On mobile, simply scroll to the bottom.

    If you disagree with any of the categorizations, or think a creature is missing a category, please contact me and tell me why! I am happy to continue updating categories as needed, and getting help from the community always makes managing this site easier!


    lbowe_elbow and Ainur

  • Welcome to EggCavity 2.0!

    Hello! EggCavity was in MUCH need of a visual redo! Everything you know and love about EggCavity is still here! I am currently working on a total re-do of the creature value guide, so stay tuned for that! I hope you enjoy the new look!

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